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Filming on Mt. Evans
Running sound in the Bahamas

Beth Ebisch was born and raised in Colorado and has spent her life pursuing her passion of being outside. Her love of outdoor recreation inspired her curiosity in Environmental Science, which she went on to study in college. From rocks and plants to bugs and animals, from water and air to human populations: the complexity and symbiosis of all systems on earth continues to fascinate her. 

While working in conservation after college, Beth realized that there was a gap in communication between science and citizens. She decided to pursue her dream and learn how to make films and media, in hopes that human connections to media could provide a platform to communicate messages of science and conservation to inspire positive human engagement in the natural world.

Since having the chance to work in the film and media industry for the past few years, Beth has found her passion in all of the aspects and challenges that producing, writing, filming and editing present. She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of people and clients while covering a variety of topics, sometimes beyond the world of conservation and science. As long as there is a story to be told, Beth is embracing the experience. 

Beth currently lives in Washington D.C. and recently graduated from American University with her MFA in Film and Electronic Media, with a concentration in Environmental and Wildlife Documentary Filmmaking through the Center for Environmental Filmmaking.

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