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Beth has had many incredible opportunities to work independently and collaboratively with organizations and people across the country, producing, writing, filming and editing videos with the intention of telling stories in their most authentic voice. Most recently, she worked as a fellow with the National Park Service, in close partnership with members of the Hoonah Tlingit Tribe to post-produce and edit three educational videos for the park's website and social media. It was a joy to showcase the tribe's proud culture and community. She's also had the chance to create videos and TV broadcast segments with Maryland Public Television/PBS, National Geographic, Coral & Oak Studios, Natural Grocers, and Wedfuly among many others. Thanks for watching!

Graduate Thesis Film: Beetle Blue

Growing up in Colorado, Beth had always noticed and worried about the mountainsides of dead evergreen trees as a result of bark beetle attacks. In this film, she goes on a journey to meet entomologists and professors who study bark beetles, as well as Colorado Forest Product managers, wood workers, and a ski manufacturer who utilize the blue-stained wood from beetle-killed trees. Turns out there are some unexpected silver linings to this beetle epidemic.

Produced, written, edited and animated by: Beth Ebisch

Cinematography by: Nick Tucker

Documentary Projects

Collaborative Projects